WATCH | Sanam Jung gives tips on losing weight in her new vlog

Sanam Jung is one of the brightest names in Pakistan’s entertainment industry who made her way into people’s hearts since the very first time she graced the TV screens. Her debut serial, ‘Dil e Muztar’ was one of the most-watched serials of its time and the public absolutely loved Jung’s presence.

Sanam has remained in the spotlight ever since her first drama and also hosted the famous morning show ‘Jago Pakistan Jago.’ However, other than being an actress or a morning show host, Jung is also a YouTuber and has a prominent YouTube presence.

The actress uploads vlogs and videos on her channel about her daily life activities and also special occasions. Her recent vlog had clips from her sister’s wedding.

Sanam Jung recently uploaded a video on her channel which was very informative for those who want to lose some pounds in the month of Ramzan. The star claims that by following the tips given in the vlog, one can lose up to 5 kgs in the month. Jung took a nutritionist and diet consultant on board for the purpose.

Dr Areej Haroon in the video gave expert advice on what one should eat for Sehri, Iftari, and dinner that will fulfill one’s nutritional needs and will also make one lose some pounds. She talked about how to break down each time’s meal and gave ideas for a ‘balanced diet.’ Other than this, she also gave a proper diet plan for individuals giving ideas of foods one can opt for.

Jung’s video is extremely helpful for people who want to spend this Ramzan in a healthy way.

Watch the complete vlog here:

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