Sanam Jung starts her own fragrance brand!

Everyone’s favorite, Sanam Jung ventures into a new business. After having her own YouTube channel, she initiated her own line of fragrances with the name ‘Sanamjungfragrances.

Jung took to Instagram where she talked about her new journey. She described it as her ‘lifelong ambition.’ The actress has introduced three scents in the line yet with the names Forever Crush, Mystic Fall, and Heavenly Divine. Each perfume is in sleek packaging and has a different scent with different notes.

The perfume ‘heavenly divine’ has a sharp scent of fruits including: vanilla, peach and rose.

On the other hand, forever crush is more of a ‘light scent.’ It is a soft, floral smelling perfume which is all about communicating glamor but in a subtle way.

Sanam wants you to try out her perfumes as she believes they are truly everything she has ever wanted in a perfume.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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