Sana Fakhar shares her jaw-dropping transformation

The biggest reason why actress Sana Fakhar is famous other than her acting skills is her fitness. The actress has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to it. On her channel, she shares different workout routines and also clips of exercises one can do to relieve different types of pain. The Lollywood star is surely a fitness freak.

The star recently took to Instagram where she shared her weight-loss transformation over the years and we are absolutely amazed. Fakhar captioned the clicks with a heartfelt note in which she talked about motherhood and pregnancy. Sana shared how motherhood is one of the most beautiful gifts although pregnancy has its challenges. She shed light on one those challenges being ‘ensuring one’s own well-being.’ The actress further mentioned that it is often forgotten how wellness is not about one single ‘benchmark’ of weight loss rather it is about the complete lifestyle. She then gave a message to be a ‘better version’ of yourself by the improvement of your ‘mind, body and soul.’

These throwback pictures are surely inspiring. They are an example of how you can be the BEST version of yourself if you work hard enough and are dedicated. This is the exact message Sana Fakhar is trying to give you with her before/after pictures. She wants her fans to take motivation from her and to strive for their physical and mental wellbeing.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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