Here’s what Twitter has to say about Sadaf Kanwal’s perspective on feminism and women after marriage

Model Sadaf Kanwal had been the top Twitter trend recently for her thoughts on feminism and marriage. She expressed her views on the role of women as wives, and people think they’re next-level problematic.

Sadaf and Shahroz were recently spotted at the show Hamare Mehmaan. The actress was questioned about her marriage rules which made her gain a lot of criticism. Kanwal replied, ‘you should consider your husband as husband, his status should be high because he’s a man who earns and looks after the children.’ She then said that although she works too, she cannot come in comparison to him.’

The model also mentioned how she believes women are not oppressed. ‘I think I’m very strong and I’m sure, you are too.’

‘Our husbands are our culture. I have married, I have to pick up his shoes, I will iron his clothes, which I don’t do. But I know where Sherry’s clothes are.’ she went on saying. Kanwal further added that she knows what her husband has to eat and when but Shahroz doesn’t have to know about all such stuff because she is a woman. ‘He should know, but I should know more.’

Sadaf also shared that to her feminism is taking care of her husband, giving him respect, and do whatever she can for him.

Sadaf’s statement has made her land in hot waters after a vast majority is questioning her problematic views.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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