WATCH | Sadaf Kanwal’s lookalike mimicked the model, and now we can’t tell them apart!

Sadaf Kanwal is a popular Pakistani model and now an actress. She has modeled for many known brands of the country. She was also awarded the ‘Best Model of The Year’ award at the Lux Style Awards.
Sadaf was recently criticized and trolled for her marriage to Shahroz Sabzwari and her wedding set the internet on fire, specifically because rumors went around that Shahroz cheated on Syra Yusuf.

Sadaf appeared in an interview for the first time after her marriage in which she made it clear that she doesn’t care about all the trolls and she is living a happy life with her family.
Many trolled and mimicked Sadaf however, it seems like Warisha won over everyone.

Who is Warisha?

Warisha, who is a dentist by profession, has her own blog. She uploaded a video doing mimicry of the model saying that since everyone tells her she looks like Sadaf, she decided on making a ‘fun little video’. The video is making rounds on the internet and people are laughing at how perfectly this girl has copied the model.

See the video for yourself below!

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