Sadaf Kanwal reveals the secrets behind her fitness

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari in Time Out with Ahsan Khan

Sadaf Kanwal recently appeared in the show Time Out with Ahsan Khan. They talked about a number of different things in the show including the secrets behind Kanwal’s fitness.

Upon being questioned on how she stays fit and in shape, Sadaf talked about her eating habits. Her husband, Shahroz Sabzwari revealed that she eats around 8 meals per day. However, she makes sure that the meals are in a small proportion. Eating in a small quantity is what keeps the model’s metabolism fast and hence, she does not gain weight.

Sadaf mentioned that portion control is her key to staying fit. Moreover, she doesn’t go on strict diets. The Baalu Mahi actress says she doesn’t stuff her stomach by eating a lot all at once.

Sadaf Kanwal reveals the secrets behind her fitness

On the other hand, the model-turned-actress also told that her husband is the opposite in this aspect. He is frequently on diets and does intense workouts as well. Shahroz also told that he has cut out sugar from his life and he only takes it on cheat days.

The host, Ahsan, also discussed multiple other topics with them in the show including the bond that his daughter has with Kanwal. The Dil Ruba actor said that Nooreh is a very well-brought-up child. He also credited his ex-wife, Saira Yousuf for her good upbringing.

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzawari often make headlines. They frequently land themselves in hot waters with their statements. Kanwal was a target of criticism previously over her controversial statement about wife duties.

Watch the complete interview here:

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