WATCH | Saboor Aly calls Amir Liaquat out during a live show

Amir Liaquat has been making headlines ever since Ramzan started. From his Nagin dance to falling while racing with an athlete and now singing in a Ramzan transmission, Liaquat has been all over internet and especially in memes.

Amir Liaquat hosts a show named ‘Jeeeway Pakistan’ on Express Tv where he invites different celebrity guests. Recently, the actress Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari were the guests. The host is famous for doing controversial things on his show and therefore, keeping up with the record, he kept staring at Saboor, giving her unnecessary remarks. Liaquat even asked the actress to star with him in Nagin 2 to which she said that the role of a ‘Naag’ best suits him. He continued to annoy Aly telling her that he wore new ‘sunglasses’ for her in the show.

Upon constant staring, Aly couldn’t keep her calm and told the host to lower his gaze when he talks to her. She further added that she wants ‘haya and murawat’ in Liaquat’s eyes when he looks at her. The actress also said that she knows it is difficult for him but he should at least ‘try to do it.’ The star was clearly uncomfortable with the host’s behavior and made sure she conveys it to him.

Watch the video here:

Quite recently, a girl claimed that she was Liaquat ‘third-wife’ and revealed a lot his dirty laundry. However, the host completely denied the claims saying he has only one wife and that is Tooba.

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