Saba Qamar’s “Isolation” sheds light on some really important points

Saba Qamar is a name that needs no introduction. She has made her way into the hearts of people all over Pakistan with her work in Film and TV. We’ve seen her in various different characters over the years and now we get to see her for who she is.

Saba has finally started her own YouTube channel and boy, she made a statement with her very first video.

Her first upload is titled “Episode 1: Isolation”. In the beautifully shot 5 minute episode, we hear her talk about somethings we all have felt in these past few weeks in isolation.

She starts by talking about how it feels like the world has come to a halt, the cities are empty and the silence is deafening. How we’ve all come to a point where we’re just going through the motions of life, instead of being present in the moment and living it.

She then makes us think about how we’ve been in a “race” in life – we don’t know who we’re racing but we are. None of us has given ourselves any time. We constantly look for validation from other people instead of loving ourselves and our own company.

Saba then chronicles her own journey about self-love. Something a lot of us have given some thought to in self-isolation. We all went through these stages where we first looked for someone to talk to but eventually started to be okay with being alone with our own thoughts.

Then she brings up how we’ve lived a life where we need to show off what we’re doing all the time. Pointing out how we’re all something on the outside but something totally different on the inside. We’ve been living a life that’s full of facades and now when we can’t live like we always have been able to – it’s all hitting us.

We’ve been so focused on how we “look” and how we can better our “image” all the time that we lost sight of the things that are actually important in this world. How did we let it get this way?

When this pandemic passes, will everything go back to the way it was? Or will we all choose to do things differently? We’ve had time to see the evil in this world, now that we’ve had time to look at it. The evil comes from us. Will we do it better this time around?

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