Are Ali Zafar and Saba Qamar starring in Shoaib Akhtar’s Biopic?

Rumors have it that a film is being made on Shoaib Akhtar’s life. Although the main role of the actor playing Shoaib’s character hasn’t been officially revealed yet, the news about Ali Zafar and Saba Qamar being a part of the cast are floating around on the internet, and people are excited.

Sources have it that no movie is being made on the cricketer’s life, and these are just false rumors. It has also been told that if such a movie is being made, everyone would be pre-informed about it, but these are false rumors.

Despite Shoaib Akhtar himself denying it, the news is still taking over the internet. The recent one about Ali Zafar and Saba Qamar being in the movie is also going viral.

Even if no movie is being made on his life and all of these are false rumors, we would love to see a biopic on the legend’s life and that too with a strong cast. The fans also showed how they would love to see such a thing as a tribute to all of his achievements and the pride he has brought to the nation.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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