Saba Qamar DESTROYS Sohail Warriach in her new unfiltered interview

Saba Qamar is one of the few names in the Pakistani entertainment industry that has held its ground through all these years. The actress has been in movies and TV shows in Pakistan and has even garnered a fan following in India with her work in the Bollywood movie “Hindi Medium” opposite Irrfan Khan.

What’s different about Saba is the fact that no matter how successful she gets, she still always feels like a real person. She’s never let her success take her to a point of un-relatability.

She’s a woman that is always honest and speaks her truth, we’ve never seen her try to “sound right” or give a diplomatic answer.

Saba has recently started her YouTube career and we’re getting to know her on a level that we’ve never known any other Pakistani TV celebrity. She’s using the platform to really get her truth out there.

In Saba Qamar’s new video, titled “Episode 2: The Chay Show featuring Saba Qamar”, she reenacts being in an interview.

As soon as the video gets to the actual interview, we can tell who the parody is of. It’s none other than Sohail Warriach, the host of the famous “aik din geo ke saath” interviews.

The parody
Sohail Warriach

They recreate the interview where Saba was asked ridiculous questions by Sohail Warriach and the answers she gave him vs her internal monologue.

And it was HILARIOUS.

Our favourite was “Ab abhi tak inti tarotaza hain

Saba: “Mein sabzi hoon? Tarotaza?

Someone give this editor a medal pls

The entire video was set in a funny tone but it put forth a very important message. It shows us how female celebrities in Pakistan have to deal with ridiculous questions like this. How “interviews” are only to ask them “Are you dating anyone?” “When are you getting married” over and over again like their work isn’t important but getting married is.

Isn’t it time that we move on to asking our female celebrities questions that are actually more insightful? When will we get out of the “when are you getting married, having your first child, having the second – the fiftieth and are you going to let your husband have a second wife?”

To us, it seems like nothing is going to change – not anytime soon at least.

The original interview:

Saba Qamar’s parody:

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