Why did Saba Qamar call it off with Azeem Khan? Here’s everything you need to know!

The news of Saba Qamar getting married to Azeem Khan spread like wildfire over the internet. While fans were congratulating the two and were happy for them, there were individuals who were shocked by the news due to Azeem’s problematic past.

After the news went viral, a girl opened up about getting harassed by Khan. She said that Khan dragged her all-over social media, copied her personal pictures from a ‘private all-girls’ group, and posted them publicly telling his followers to give her hate. The girl further talked about how she received death threats due to it.

She also urged Qamar to open her eyes and see the reality as many women look up to her and idolize her. Azeem Khan addressed this issue by saying that ‘Saba doesn’t care about my past’ and they will get married anyways.

However, the issue didn’t end there as an old video of Khan resurfaced on the internet in which he could be seen talking against Qamar. After the public started re-sharing the video, Azeem took it down.

Recently, the actress took to Instagram and announced that due to ‘personal reasons‘, they have called the marriage off and are no more getting married. She further added that it is never too late to realize and acknowledge the ‘bitter realities.’ Saba hasn’t yet openly addressed the reason behind her decision.

Celebrities are showing their support to the actress.

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