‘Right age for training,’ Abrar-ul-Haq receives criticism for sharing video of a young girl cooking

Abrar-ul-Haq is in hot waters after he shared a video on his Twitter account. The singer is being criticized for his ‘stereotypical’ mindset.

Abrar-ul-Haq has once again landed himself in controversy. The Chamkeeli singer shared a video on his social media. The video was of a little girl making ‘roti’ in the kitchen. The girl’s age might be around 5-6 years. The singer captioned the video with, ‘this is the right age for training.’

The clip and specifically Abrar’s caption has triggered masses for obvious reasons. Many people schooled the singer. A user wrote, ‘cooking and cleaning are basic life skills, not a gender role.’ Another user asked Abrar to make his son stand with the little girl so he would learn how to make Rotis as well.

So many pointed out how it is dangerous to let a child so small near a stove. The majority believe that the singer is a misogynist. Among the people who criticized the video were not only women but men as well. A vast majority didn’t agree with what the singer was trying to portray and specifically his caption.

Here are some comments:

Earlier, Abrar-Ul-Haq was under criticism after his comments about the mothers singing the poem ‘baby shark’ to their babies. Multiple celebrities, like Nadia Hussain, lashed out at Abrar over his comments. The comment sparked a debate among actors.

Upon hearing this statement, supermodel Nadia took to Twitter where she called out the singer. She wrote, ‘Maa ki godh se kalma sunte sunte NACH PUNJABAN ya BILLO KE GHAR tak ka safar pata nahi kese tey kia.’ Hussain directly bashed the politician by targeting his songs. However, actresses like Zarnish Khan absolutely agreed with the singer’s point of view.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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