WATCH | Remembering the Queen of Pop, Nazia Hassan, with her throwback wedding footage

Who doesn’t know Nazia Hassan? Considered a great asset to the music world in Pakistan, Nazia was known as the ‘pop queen’ – and rightfully so!

Outside music and singing, Nazia was also a social activist and a lawyer. Her mesmerizing and melodious voice, along with her exceptional singing skills, is the reason why she is still remembered years after her death.

Nazia Hassan was known not only for her songs but also for her beauty, charisma, and unique style. Along with her brother Zoheb Hassan, she sold around 65 million records worldwide.

However, as successful Nazia was in her professional life, she met some unfortunate incidents in her personal life. She was diagnosed with lung cancer and was divorced only 10 days before she left the world forever.

Here, we have rare footage of the Queen of Pop from her wedding. Let’s remember her and her endless talent, that certainly did not end with her, but still continues to influence many till this day.

Here’s the clip:

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