‘Recorded us without our consent,’ Saboor Aly addresses viral video

'Recorded us without our consent,' Saboor Aly addresses viral video

Actress Saboor Aly recently opened up about her viral video. The actress reposted the video on her IG story.

Saboor and her fiance Ali Ansari were recently spotted at Mariam Ansari’s wedding. Pictures and videos from the wedding are all over the internet. The two were seen sharing cute moments together at the wedding. They were also dancing and enjoying themselves. However, one video in specific caught everyone’s attention and was making rounds.

In the video, Saboor and Ali were seen engaging in a rather serious conversation. Recently, the Amanat star revealed what the conversation was about. Sharing a screenshot, she wrote what they were talking about. The actress said that the two were in a conversation about how they were ‘uncomfortable’ with people recording them. People captured their videos without taking their ‘consent’ and this bothered the couple. ‘But we still had a lot of fun,’ Saboor added in the post.

'Recorded us without our consent,' Saboor Aly addresses viral video

She concluded the note by thanking everyone for their love and concern.

Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari

'Recorded us without our consent,' Saboor Aly addresses viral video

The two got engaged earlier this year. Their engagement was a total surprise for the fans as the two hadn’t dropped any hints before their official commitment.

After getting engaged, the couple often shares pictures together. They are spotted in matching colors on many occasions. Although their adorable clicks are adored by many, a vast majority criticizes Saboor for her choice of dressing. The couple landed in hot waters a few months back after Aly shared pictures of an occasion.

The public thought that the Parizad actress’s dressing was ‘inappropriate.’

Saboor is currently seen in the drama ‘Amanat’ alongside Urwa Hocane. Her recent performances in dramas like Parizad have been lauded by the public. However, she has, in multiple interviews, mentioned how she is often compared to her sister.

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