Rawdah Mohamed is the first-ever hijabi fashion editor for Vogue

Meet the 29-year-old model, Rawdah Mohamed, who has become the first-ever hijabi fashion editor of Vogue’s issue in Scandinavia. She is a mother and behavior analyst from Somalia and her presence in the industry has been uplifting for women and Muslims in the industry.

Rawdah grew up in Norway. Before this, she was in a refugee camp in Kenya, fleeing from the Somali civil war. During her school years, she was bullied for wearing the hijab. When the situation got out of control, her teachers told her that the only solution to this was if she stopped wearing the hijab.

Mohamed’s remarkable achievement is a source of inspiration for Muslim models who dream to excel in this field. Her presence in the fashion industry also creates a diverse environment. She has addressed the idea of ‘tokenism’, saying that she was hired on the diverse value of her presence.

Speaking to a news source, she said that tokenism is a frequent recurrence in the industry. She added that this was one of the first times she felt that she wasn’t there just for decoration but for what she represents and her ideology.

The headscarf has been a subject of debate across the industry, and in western countries too. These debates rarely ever end up in favor of women who wear them. The world currently works on the rules, concerning female bodies and dressing, created by higher powers. In such a time, women like Mohamed are helping to change the way the public thinks.

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