WATCH: Ramsha Khan talks about her wedding plans for the first time

Ramsha Khan is a prominent name in the Pakistani Entertainment industry. She is also a model. She was initially a VJ before she stepped into the world of acting. Her fine acting skills and passion have made her one well-known name in the industry.

Ramsha Khan opens up!

Ramsha was invited to a show, BOL Nights by Ahsan Khan, where she was questioned about a lot of things including her marriage. The actress said that she plans on getting married in the coming ‘4 years’. Upon being asked if she prefers a love-marriage or arrange-marriage, the model said that she would go for love marriage for a lot of right reasons.

Ramsha supported her statement and choice by telling that in the marriage of your choice, you know the person personally. She also mentioned that you know so much about their family. Moreover, arrange marriages are ‘scary’ for her since one doesn’t even know the other person. Well, she does have a point there

Watch her interview here:

Dating Rumors

There are many rumors about Ramsha Khan dating the actor Bilal Abbas and the two have been throwing hints on and off. However, only time will tell who Ramsha’s ‘secret guy’ is.

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