Did Ramsha Khan have problems with her character in Ishqiya? The actress reveals

Ramsha Khan is an actress who made her name and place in the industry in minimal duration of time through her talent and acting skills. Her drama ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’ gained a lot of popularity, and people loved her.

Ramsha recently appeared in the drama serial Ishqiya, alongside big names like Hania Amir, Feroze Khan, and Gohar Rasheed. Ishqiya is probably one of the most loved dramas in which the actress has starred. However, it seems like Ramsha herself had problems with her character in the serial.

In an interview, the actress spilled the beans about how people could not understand the character of ‘Hamna‘ in the drama and gave her bad reviews. She further said that despite all the negative comments, she still owns the drama because people got to know about her through it, even if in a negative way. She added that initially, she liked the plot of the drama, so she agreed to do it.

Ramsha Khan believes that more details should have been added to her role so people would’ve understood it in a better way. Moreover, she agrees with all the critics who supported the character of Hamza.

Watch her interview here:

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