WATCH | Ramsha Khan responds to comparisons with Anuskha Sharma

Ramsha khan has opened up about how she feels about being compared to Anushka Sharma.

The comparison

Ramsha Khan is a prominent part of the Pakistani drama industry while Anushka Sharma is a Bollywood star. When Ramsha joined the industry, everyone raved about how both of them resembled each other. However, Ramsha never spoke up on how she felt about the comparison when she was invited as a guest in Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan.

The interview

Ahsan questioned her about her feelings regarding the specific comparison. To this, Ramsha surprisingly replied that she disliked it. The actress said that she wanted to be known as Ramsha Khan herself and not as Anushka. She has her separate identity and she wants to be known for being her own individual self and not someone else.

Ramsha has appeared in some famous projects like ‘Kaisa hai naseeban’ and now, ‘ishqiya’. Her drama serial named ‘Ghisi piti mohabbat’ is about to air and the teaser looks really promising.

Watch the interview here:

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  • Shani tahir says:

    Ramsha is more beautiful than anushka

  • shafaq aziz says:

    Ramsha khan is only ramsha khan she have her own beautiful personality

  • Faria says:

    I think comparison with Nadia Hussain isn’t an issue is it ?

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