[VIDEO] Rabia Butt shares her views on ‘revealing clothes’

Rabia Butt, who is currently playing the role of Nargis in Pehli Si Mohabbat, is a model turned actress. Other than being an amazing model, Butt has commendable acting skills. People are absolutely adoring her for her acting. She has starred in dramas like Angan, Ye Dil Mera, and more.

Rabia Butt was recently spotted in an interview with a well-reputed media outlet. The actress gave her views on multiple topics including a very common topic of dressing.

Actresses and models are often made a target of criticism for their choice of dressing. Rabia also shared her views saying that she can not call those who wear revealing clothes, ‘wrong’ because she has worn them herself too. The model also mentioned how at that point she didn’t have an understanding of things. Moreover, she doesn’t criticize anyone now too but proves things through her ‘actions.’

The Angan actress shared how she thinks that everything she can not do and see with her family is wrong.

Watch Rabia Butt’s complete interview here:

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