Rabia Anum calls out Iman Ali for her transphobic comment

Iman Ali recently opened up about her struggle with self-love and how she doesn’t like taking pictures because she feels she isn’t ‘beautiful.’ She said that whenever she’s taking a picture from any angle, she thinks she looks like a ‘Khusra.’ Numerous sent her a lot of love after she revealed her struggle but on the other hand, the model infuriated many by using the term ‘Khusra’ as a demeaning word.

Among the people who called Ali out for her derogatory remarks was the anchor Rabia Anum. She couldn’t keep her calm and rightfully so. Anum directly addressed the model educating her that it is NOT okay to use the term transgender to ridicule herself or anyone else.

She called Iman Ali a ‘stupid actress’ whose mouth should be shut. She further added that these people are paid to be in these shows.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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