Losing weight does not make it okay for you to body shame others, public schools Faryal Mehmood

Actress Faryal Mehmood was recently a guest at the show Time Out with Ahsan Khan. The actress is getting a lot of criticism for her problematic statements in the episode.

In a segment, the host questioned her about when and why she said ‘Hareem Farooq won’t fit in a car.’ The actress responded telling that she said that on Mazaaq Raat. ‘They questioned me if I had a car with three seats and only choose a few people to sit with me in it, then who would I skip. The rest were my friends so I took their names.’

‘The show host then asked me if I would have Hareem to sit with me in the car and I joked saying Hareem won’t fit in it.’ She also revealed that Farooq got offended over her statement. Faryal kept saying how it was ‘okay’ for her to give such remarks because she only said it on a lighter more. She also justified her statement, ‘this was a joke of course. I used to be fat myself, why would I make fun of someone for it? I was the one who wouldn’t fit anywhere. No need to take it so personally. Just lose some weight. It’s not that hard.’

Moreover, Faryal thought it was okay for ‘former overweight’ individuals to make such fat-shaming jokes. The Raqeeb Se actress told in the same segment that she called out Sonya Hussyn for body-shaming her. The public couldn’t help but criticize the actress for believing that she has some sort of ‘license’ to fat-shame others.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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