Public criticizes Mahira Khan for glorifying toxic marriages in her dramas

Talk show host, Kanwal Ahmed recently pointed out how the Pakistani drama industry glorifies emotionally abusive relationships. She mentioned two of Mahira Khan’s dramas based on the topic.

The host in a Twitter post referred to Mahira’s dialogue from the famous serial Humsafar. Khirad’s dialogue, ‘Mummy aap kya keh rahi hain’ was really popular. This was picked from a conversation between Khirad and her mother-in-law after she was turned away from her home.

Ahmed then mentioned Mahira’s dialogue from the ongoing drama Hum Kahan K Sacchay Thay. This was a dialogue that Khan said to her toxic, abusive husband. Kanwal compared how, 10 years after Humsafar, the industry is still promoting the same things.

She pointed out the problem in the Tweet. ’10 years of promoting how to STAY patiently in emotionally abusive marriages,’ she wrote. The host stressed how this big drama channel is normalizing unhealthy marriages

Multiple people in the comments agreed to Kanwal’s post. Users shared their opinion on how the industry isn’t progressing at all.

A user wrote, ‘Our shows haven’t evolved, they have regressed.’ Another user highlighted the deeper impact it has on young minds. ‘Women have and always will endure abuse and still feel obligated to their spouse in our culture.’

It is indeed disappointing and disturbing the kind of content that these dramas show. Moreover, such big names, with a massive fan following, playing these kinds of roles only adds to the problem. Hum Kahan K Sacchay Thay is one such drama that has been a target of criticism since the very start.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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