Sheheryar Munawar’s ‘Prince Charming’, featuring Mahira Khan and Zahid Ahmed’, highlights post-marital depression

Sheheryar Munawar has made his directorial debut with ‘Prince Charming’. The 12-minute long film shows the reality of an otherwise ‘stable’, relationship. In the beginning, the story hints at an extra-marital affair to help add colors to a woman’s life.

Eventually, as the film progresses, we learn what the film is really about is the ‘dullness’ a relationship ends up in at one point, and how it impacts the people bound by the relationship.

This is something not many people can comprehend. Hence, the complexity of what others sometimes label ‘ungratefulness’ has been described by Sheheryar in a fragile, yet meaningful way. With this short movie, Munawar highlights post-marital depression.

In Prince Charming, Mahira Khan plays the role of a woman struggling with depression. She is a damsel in distress, who imagines often about a ‘prince’ she expected to marry, in an attempt to console herself.

Her imaginary prince looks like her own husband and is often showering her with praise. He never ever leaves her side, which is something men with jobs find tough to do.

Women are often let down by the reality of marriage that is something quite distinct from what they grow up believing. They are expected to ‘do it all’ without complaining and giving up on their dreams and requirements by staying home and taking care of everyone else. While society makes women believe that they can do everything once they are married, is the same society to shut them down and tell them to let go of their wishes after marriage.

Prince Charming sparks a debate on a topic that has been quite taboo in the country. This is what makes it a must-watch!

Watch it here:

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