President Alvi, First Lady open up about their love life, personal interests [VIDEO]

President Dr. Arif Alvi, who is actually a dentist by profession, recently appeared in an interview with the host Nida Yasir alongside the first lady Samina Alvi. The two got candid about a number of topics such as their marriage, love letters and more.

Talking about the reason behind his successful career, Alvi revealed that it was his wife behind everything. Despite not being made up for it, Samina made sure that she provided valuable support to him in his political life as confessed by Alvi himself. Ever since the establishment of PTI, the president had numerous people coming over to his house on a very short notice but his wife would always host the guests well. She would never get annoyed.

Arif Alvi further added to the list of compliments for his wife saying that she is very tolerant. Moreover, his whole family has a great sense of humor since Alvi’s mother had good humor and they believe that it is the best way to deal with negative emotions. Despite having better humor than her husband, Samina revealed that she doesn’t joke with him much but is usually on the tolerating end.

Nida Yasir’s interviews are incomplete without the question about if the marriage was love or arranged. The couple replied that they are distant cousins and hence, had met numerous time before their marriage. The host then proceeded to ask them about the letters they used to write to each other and the president told that they used to do it ‘after marriage.’

The two also revealed that the real difference between them occurs on the subject of dressing as Dr. Arif is usually satisfied with his wife’s sense of dressing but Samina often asks him to change a certain piece. However, the first lady confidently said that she has an on the fleek sense of dressing and there’s nothing to change. She is also the one behind their home decor and her husband doesn’t have a problem with it.

President Dr. Arif Alvi and the first lady joyfully talked about their marriage, life, childhood and so much more. They literally remind us of a typical old desi couple and the interview is absolutely adorable!

Watch the complete interview here:

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