WATCH: Pictures and videos from Maria B’s trip to the Northern areas are breaking the internet!

No better place to go and have a good holiday with your family other than the Northern areas, and we guess Maria B knows this too. It is that time of the year where many take out the time from their busy, cramped schedules to give their mind a break and peacefully enjoy nature, and that is what Maria and her family are doing.

Maria B’s Journey

She has decided to keep everyone updated about what she and her family are doing. They began their adventure from Naran to Chilas on a mesmerizing road.

Maria put the journey to fairy meadows from Challas as a ‘very difficult and challenging one’. However, she explained that the difficulty was worth the sight that was waiting for them. She described fairy meadows as a ‘heaven on earth.’

Maria B and her family are having a perfect and refreshing time in the North of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Northern areas are absolutely breathtaking. The views are a treat, and everyone should at least once explore the beauty of these areas.

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