Photographers school Shahveer Jafry over his ‘false accusations’ – What actually happened?

Shahveer Jafry’s engagement ceremony is a hot topic across the internet! People can’t seem to stop talking about the two and how of a beautiful couple they make.

The internet blew up after photographers posted pictures from the ceremony on their own official pages. From there, the pictures made their way to all of the fan pages, with thousands flooding the comments section.

However, in a recent post, Shahveer accused the photographers, saying that they posted the pictures ‘without their consent’.

Here’s what Shahveer posted:

Jafry said that this was supposed to be a ‘private event,’ but the photographers took advantage of the fact and rather turned it into a ‘publicized event’ for their own interest. He further called the photographers ‘vultures’, mentioning their photography pages in the post.

The public obviously thought that Shahveer’s anger is justified since the photographers must take permission from the person hiring them for the event, even if it is a celebrity. If they are not comfortable with the pictures going viral, it should be respected, and nothing should be made public without consent.

The fans bashed the photographers for invading their privacy until they decided to speak up. The photographers told the public their side of the story, saying that the content creator’s allegations are nothing but ‘false’ since his fiancé did allow them to post the pictures.

They also posted evidence through screenshots and also called the YouTuber out for the ‘words’ he used in the post.

Here’s what the photography pages posted:

People asked the photographers to take these posts off since Shahveer had also taken his post down after some time. The photographers revealed that after Jafry called them out publicly, Ayesha unsent the message in which she was permitting uploading the pictures. However, the screenshot they had posted was the one they immediately took to be on the safe side.

The photographers made it clear that they won’t settle until Shahveer Jafry comes up with a public apology for defaming them.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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