People are criticizing Ayeza Khan because of her ‘beauty secret’ | WATCH

Easily the biggest name in the entertainment industry right now, Ayeza Khan is again under criticism after finding herself stuck in the middle of another controversy.

People loved her for her acting skills and how gorgeous she is. However, after Ayeza did an ad for Faiza Beauty cream, a fairness cream, the tables turned for the actress and she has gotten a lot of hateful comments ever since. People simply didn’t expect such a big actress to act so irresponsibly and promote a product that does not only promote colorism but is dangerous for the skin too.

Recently, Ayeza’s video, in which she shares the secrets behind her beauty, is getting dragged by the public and people are trolling the actress. Ayeza shared how staying away from the negativity and being happy were her secret potions for looking this perfect.

Here is the video:

People have asked Ayeza to share her actual reason behind why she looks so stunning and not to sugarcoat anything. The public is telling the actress to share how Faiza Beauty Cream is the reason why she looks so stunning. People have also told her to open up about her cosmetic surgeries.

Here are some comments under the post:

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