People stoop too low, criticize Aiman Khan’s one-year old daughter

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are two of the most famous names in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Since the two are loved and famous, it is obvious that their daughter also shares all the attention they get.

Criticism on Amal’s Birthday

The couple recently celebrated their daughter’s 1st birthday and, unfortunately, had to face a lot of criticism. Before this, the two were under massive hate and criticism for having many events at their wedding too. They celebrated for many days, and people thought it was extra.
Unfortunately, the haters didn’t leave their kid too. Amal’s birthday was celebrated with lots of colors, beautiful decors, and an appealing cake. The kid was wearing a dress matching the theme as well and looked adorable.

The instant Aiman and her friends posted the pictures from the event; people came up with their negative comments. They spoke not only about how the couple spent heaps of money on the birthday, but also about how they disliked the baby’s dress. People expressed their hate in the most disgusting and insensitive way possible, and Aiman Khan decided to give a shut-up call to them.

Well, we cannot blame Aiman for not tolerating them. One can let go of such comments about themselves, but when it comes to kids, it gets too much. On the other side, it is distasteful how people stoop so low. We’ve often seen people give their unneeded and unnecessary opinion, but criticizing a one-year-old girl is just too much.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Hina says:

    It’s their daughter so they’ll decide what’s best for her let haters do their job

  • Sids says:

    MashaAllah Allah Mubarak karey is bachy ko… Dhare sari khushiyan de… Log to negative hoty hein. Allah bachaey bori nazro se… Ameen

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