‘Pakistani dramas are not my type,’ Iffat Omar contemplates quitting acting

Iffat Omar in a recent interview has opened up about her decision to quit acting. The actress also went through the reasons why she took this decision.

Iffat is quite famous for many reasons. Other than being known for her acting skills, Omar is also a controversial personality. She lands in hot waters very frequently for this reason.

The Angan actress was recently invited to a show hosted by Nauman Ijaz. She talked about multiple talks in the show, including her decision to quit acting.

The actress said that she left acting at the time of her marriage at the peak of her acting career. However, when she returned after quite a while, she was only doing mothers’ roles.

She further said that she is not happy with the current Pakistani dramas. ‘Pakistani dramas are not my type, I watch international shows,’ she added.

Proceeding towards her decision of quitting acting, the actress said that she has decided to leave showbiz until she gets a good script. She would only agree to do a drama if it has an out of box content.

Referring to the content that Pakistani dramas show, she simply called it low quality and far from reality. She believes that what these dramas show is not our culture. However, the public is being fooled and hence they still get ratings.

‘I’m not interested in such money and such stories,’ Iffat concluded.

Iffat Omar also explained the discrimination existing in the industry.

Iffat Omar

Earlier this year, the actress received a lot of criticism after she said that there’s nothing worse than a PTI supporter. The Angan actress called out all PTI supporters. She said that she believes they have no logic to defend their point of view or argument. The actress naturally received a lot of backlash after her statement from people who didn’t agree with her.

After getting a lot of hate, Iffat had announced that she would be taking a break from social media. She said that she would deactivate her account because it is not worth it.

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