Here are the Pakistani celebrities who made it to Forbes ‘Asia’s 100 Digital Stars list’ of 2021

Forbes has just revealed its Asia’s 100 ‘Digital Stars’ list, and 3 of our Pakistani celebrities have been shortlisted in the category. In the category, singers, bands, and actors who have a strong social media presence are highlighted.

Celebrities who are in the ‘social media spotlight’ make it to the list and from Pakistan, Mahira Khan, Aiman Khan, and Atif Aslam are a part of the list for the year 2021, with Aiman Khan being the youngest star to ever make it to the magazine from the country.

It is without any doubt a moment of pride for not only these celebrities, but also the whole nation to know that our skilled and talented individuals are getting recognition outside the country as well.

Here’s what Forbes has to say about these stars:

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