Pakistani actress Meera Jee has the solution to the coronavirus!

Meera is a very well-known Pakistani actress. She’s been known for her acting and modelling work just as much as she is for her personality.

Every few years, Meera seems to go viral for something she said. This year is no different.

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus we’ve been hearing celebrities on social media doing their part to raise awareness about the virus. Meera did the same.

A video message by Meera went viral on social media. In the video, she talks about the coronavirus, how it spread and what can we do to prevent it.

“Coronavirus is a virus that has gone to become a pandemic across the world, the cause of this is behind the lack of hygiene practices in wet markets across China.”

“A solution to this would be Halal eating and sanitation which would prevent this kind of behaviour”

After this video went viral Meera was trolled all over social media, people criticised her for her choice of words down to the way her voice sounds

Pooja what is this behaviour?

Even though over the years Meera Jee has become a lot more informed compared to how she used to be people can’t wait for her to slip up. It seems like she still has a long way to go before people can take her seriously.

Afterwards, she boarded a flight and is currently in the United States to spread awareness about the virus and how people can protect themselves.

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#Atlanta #meerajee #usa #pakistan Beautiful community in Atlanta meeting Pakistani #meerajee #Atlanta community in America #Progressive Pakistan health awareness program film industry workshop panel meeting education based programs regarding Fundraising office opening Despite having to scale down the size of the event (due to the government’s guidelines in response to COVID-19), PAC of Atlanta was excited to celebrate the opening of our new office along with Pakistan Day on March 23, 2020. Pakistan Day is celebrated in remembrance of the historic Lahore Session, held from March 22 to March 24, 1940, which was the start of the separation of India and Pakistan. After Chairperson Rumana Habib performed the flag hoisting and spoke of Pakistan Day’s importance, we were happy and grateful to welcome Meera Jee, a popular Pakistani film star, to add a few words not only about the importance of March 23, but also the importance of education, women’s’ empowerment, and how Pakistan should address its role in promoting peace. Thank you to Naji’s and Green Olive Kabob House for catering (lunch and dinner respectively), Mike Chudhry and Ramada Inn for outdoor seating arrangements, and DJ Imran Ismael for providing music. Also, thank you to our team members: Rashid Humayun, Shazia Ch, Fauzia Shafeeq, Shahzad Faisal, Ruby Iqbal, Murad Huda, Mehdi Syed, Suleman Rana, Asher Islam and the other passionate attendees. PAC is excited to host more amazing events in the future provided the situation of the current COVID-19 pandemic improves. Pakistan Zindabad!🇵🇰

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What do you think about Meeras efforts of spreading awareness? Let us know in the comments!

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