5 times great Pakistani actors picked a ‘not so great’ script

We have all experienced watching a drama with very high hopes because of the good cast, only to end up in disappointment. We expect the drama to have a good script & plot simply because our favorite actors are a part of the serial.

Here are 5 actors and dramas with which we had high hopes but they didn’t turn out so well and made us think ‘why did the actor even choose to do the script?’

The actors and the drama serials

Zahid Ahmed in ‘Main Na Jaanun’

Zahid Ahmed is one of the most talented actors in the entertainment industry. He has done some outstanding projects which helped him earn the name & fame. However, it seems like Zahid made the wrong decision doing the drama ‘main na jaanun’. The drama had a feeble plot with a strong cast, including Sanam Jung, which was even more disappointing. Sources have it that even the actor himself considered doing the script a mistake.

Ayeza Khan in ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’

Mere Paas Tum Ho is a drama that a majority of Pakistanis watched. While many might have liked it, we have questions for Ayeza Khan and why she agreed on such a plot? The drama was all over the place. The ending was disliked by many, and the actress’ character in itself was problematic. In a society where women are already considered inferior, such depictions will only add to the problems & Ayeza; you need to realize this.

Sajal Aly in ‘Gul e Rana’

The story in itself was extremely confusing for many. Sajal Aly is an actress full of talent, and we could definitely see that in Yaqeen ka Safar. Gul e Rana’s role was initially a firm and brave girl whose bravery was a constant rollercoaster. One moment Gul e Rana was all bold and stood up for herself, and the next, she was a fearful girl. The drama ended on an unexpected note, and everyone just had a big question mark in their brain. I mean, seriously, Sajal?

Mahira Khan in ‘Sadqay Tumhare’

Not gonna lie, but the drama initially seemed very cute. The queen Mahira was slaying as always. Her overall attire was on point, and the dialogues were actually very touching. But what happened in the middle and at the end was simply devastating. Nobody wanted the drama to end in the way it did. Some scenarios made absolutely no sense, such as Shanno’s best friend who supported her through her highs and lows falling for Khalil and the idea of showing a mother as the villain.

Iqra Aziz in ‘Jhooti’

Iqra Aziz has always played some powerful roles. She is immensely capable. Her character in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi made everyone fall in love with her. She seems very bold and headstrong.
Iqra playing the role of Nimra in Jhooti, disappointed us big time. Not only did the drama disregard the victims of domestic abuse, but it also showed a woman lie about ‘domestic abuse’ to manipulate others around her. We never expected this coming from an actress like Iqra, and it makes us question why she agreed to such a role in the first place.

What are your thoughts on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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