Pakistani Actors divided on the airing of Ertugrul

Ever since the Turkish tv show Ertrugul aired on Pakistani TV it’s been an instant fan favourite all across the country.

Average Pakistanis finally have something different and good to watch, the hype has been huge! Almost every household jumped on the bandwagon and tried watching the show and found themselves instantly hooked.

But, as much as the people loved it, there was intense pushback from Pakistani actors as they felt like the airing of this foreign show is directly taking away audience from the locally made ones and posing a potential threat to their livelihoods.

Shaan was one of the first people to stand against the show:

Yasir Hussain chimed in:

He also claimed that this was directly affecting the livelihood of local actors:

Actress Mansha Pasha voiced her support for Yasir:

The general public has not agreed with the stance of the celebrities that are protesting the series. The common thinking is that “we’re watching the show because not only is it different but also really well made”. Pakistanis are tired of the same old “sass bahu dramas” and have been longing for unique content – we got it so we’re watching it.

Now, the debate is taking another turn. We’re seeing a whole other set of celebrities that think that Ertugrul doesn’t take away from our local artists. Instead, they think it’s an opportunity to learn, to better the local content and do better overall. If it’s good enough, our people will watch it regardless of what else is on schedule to air!

With Neelam Muneer asking actors to look beyond where it was made and focus on what the show is instead:

Mehwish Hayat agreeing with the stance, calling it an “Educational Drama”

Mirza Gohar saying that the show is not a threat to the Pakistani industry:

And Finally, Osman Khalid Butt. He compared it to how Turkish shows have aired before and Pakistani actors still found themselves employed. If anything this opens up new markets for editors and voiceover artists.

Which side of the debate do you land on? Do you support the airing and think that it’s not the sole destroyer of our industry? Or do you oppose it and think it should be stopped immediately? Let us know in the comments!

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