The moral-police from Pakistan is back at thrashing the Turkish actresses to teach them ‘moral’ values

Dirilis: Ertugrul was one of the most-watched seasons during quarantine in Pakistan. People appreciated how well-made it was, and the actors from the season gained a massive fan-following throughout the country. However, it seems like these actors’ actual lifestyle was too much for the Pakistanis to digest, and even when they were following these actors on social media sites, they felt the need to remind them of ‘how they should dress.’

Pakistan’s moral police

First, Esra Bilgic was the target of these negative comments solely based on her dressing, and now comes the turn of Hande Subasi. Subasi played the role of Aykiz Hatun in the series. The 36-year-old is also the winner of the ‘Miss Turkey Competition 2005’. The model was spotted on vacation in Bozburun, where she was having a beautiful time, but Pakistanis felt the need to remind the actress how she should dress up.

Here are some comments from her posts:

If these people focused on the problems concerning their own country, then it would be a much better place. Becoming a keyboard warrior and bombarding people with your unnecessary opinion, adds no value to your life. Pakistanis have gotten shut-up calls from these actresses before too but well, they just cannot stop.

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