‘One held the faucet, other spread out janemaz for me,’ Ushna Shah shares how a Hindu and Christian helped her pray

'One held the faucet, other spread out janemaz for me,' Ushna Shah shares how a Hindu and Christian helped her pray

Ushna Shah has always been vocal about social issues and religious tolerance. The actress has often spoken up about religious and political unrest in the country.

Recently, the Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress took to Twitter where she shared an experience. She celebrated religious tolerance as she revealed that a Christian and Hindu helped her pray Namaz at a salon.

Shah wrote her experience on her official Twitter account. ‘A Christian and a Hindu helped me pray Asr just now and set an example of tolerance,’ she wrote.

‘At Nabila salon, makeup artist 4 today (who is a Hindu) held up a faucet so I could perform Wudu easily, and another makeup artist (did my makeup last night), who is a Christian, spread out Janemaz for me,’ she wrote.

Everyone lauded the message in the reply to the Tweet. A user wrote, ‘This is exactly how we should be with each other. We are united by humanity!’

Ushna Shah called out trolls for color-shaming her

Ushna Shah previously called out trolls for color-shaming her. The actress gave a reality check to all those making fun of her.

Ushna is among the most well-known actresses in the country. From her strong acting skills to her blunt personality, she is known for multiple reasons. Despite having a massive following, the actress still lands in hot waters very frequently. People often criticize her for her choice of dressing.

This time, the actress was being trolled for the color of her hands. Shah is currently on her vacation in Turkey. The actress often shares pictures from her trip on her social media handles. Recently, she shared an aesthetically pleasing picture holding ice cream on Instagram. As soon as the picture went viral, users started mocking Shah over the color of her hands.

The Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress couldn’t keep her calm and schooled the trolls. Reposting her picture on her Instagram story, the Balaa star wrote, ‘The number of nonsense comments from my fellow brown-skinned Pakistanis about the color of my hands in the picture.’

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