WATCH | Throwback to when Noor Zafar Khan and Shahveer Jafry crashed a wedding TOGETHER!

Noor Zafar Khan’s sister has been the talk of the town for several days now because she recently tied the knot with Falak Shabir. People are now eager to know about Noor as well. Although she doesn’t seem to be ready for such a big commitment, rumors about Noor Zafar Khan and the YouTuber Shahveer Jafry have been floating over the internet but without any confirmation.

Their Relationship

Noor and Shahveer seem to be great friends. They have been together for a number of vlogs and other than that, hang out often as well. Their vlog about crashing a mehndi together and purchasing a dress for Noor to wear on the spot has been viewed and loved by fans.

The actress and the YouTuber haven’t made anything official yet. Let’s see what the future holds.

Watch the vlog here:

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