Following rumors, Noor Zafar Khan FINALLY reveals about her relationship with Youtuber Shahveer Jafry

Noor Zafar Khan has finally opened up about her relationship with the YouTuber Shahveer Jafry.

Rumors have it that Noor and Shahveer are in a relationship. Noor often accompanies Shahveer in many of his vlogs and the two can be seen together, having fun. Soon, their bond with each other became a topic of the town and people started thinking they were more than just friends. However, Noor or Shahveer never publicly spoke or admitted anything until recently.

Noor Zafar Khan opens up

Noor Zafar Khan was questioned on Instagram if she is in a ‘relationship with Shahveer Jafry’ to which she clearly replied ‘No’. She added that Shahveer is just a friend and like a brother to her. The actress finally shut down the rumors for good to avoid any further controversies. We appreciate how she didn’t give clarifications or write lengthy paragraphs to show her anger over the question. Noor elegantly shut all the rumors down.

Who is Noor Zafar Khan?

Noor Zafar is a talented Pakistani actress. She is also well-known because of her sister Sarah Khan who is a big name of Pakistan’s entertainment industry.
Noor made her acting debut back in the year 2015 in the drama ‘Preet Na Kariyo Koi’. The actress has since then appeared in a number of projects such as Saya e Deewar Bhi Nahi, Tau Dil ka Kiya Hua and many more. She has also done a short-film starring alongside Asim Azhar on Urdu1. The actress was last seen in the drama ‘Bharam’ playing the role of ‘Noor’.

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