Video of Noman Ijaz proudly confessing to dating ‘multiple women’ while being married becomes the talk of the internet

Noman Ijaz has enraged everyone after he jokingly said that he dates multiple women without his wife knowing because he is a ‘great actor’.

Noman Ijaz is a very prominent name of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry and he is known to be one of the ‘best actors’ of Pakistan. He is a multi-talented actor that can play different types of roles and characters and amaze everyone with his skills every time. Many actors aspire to work with him.

Noman’s Interview

However, a video clip from his interview with Iffat Omer has been circulating over the internet and everyone is simply enraged and disappointed.

Iffat questioned Noman about the secret behind a happy marriage to which he appreciated his wife saying she’s adorable. The host further questioned if Noman has ever developed a liking for someone other than his own wife being in the marriage.

The actor replied to it saying, ‘numerous times’. He also added that he falls in love almost every day because this is the sort of person he is. He further said that a woman who is beautiful both internally and externally and is also difficult to deal with, can make him fall for her very easily.

The most distasteful part was when he added that he doesn’t let his wife know when he dates the woman and doesn’t let that lady’s husband know as well because he is a ‘great actor and an intelligent man’. According to him, only the individual knows herself.

I Dated Another Girl But My Wife Never Knew – Noman Ijaz Interview – Celeb City

I Dated Another Girl But My Wife Never Knew Because of My Acting Skills – Celeb City

Posted by Celeb City on Monday, August 31, 2020

Iffat, instead of discouraging it, got awkward, and laughed it off saying ‘I need to learn a few things from you’.

Here’s how the people reacted:

Speaking publicly about having extramarital affairs and normalizing it is nothing but ungraceful and indecent. Cheating can never be justified and that too in a bond such as marriage. Nouman for sure lost a good fan-following after these confessions.

Watch the full interview here:

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  • N says:

    He talkwd aout religion and abt the fact he thinks ppl r twisted and religion needs to be put at bay in his opinion. Does he call himself a muslim for cheating on his wife and also women harrassment# metoo is something he defined as #[email protected]&^%.. What role model is he as a public figure,a father and a great actor? His children r adults. How wud they feel abt this interview? Does he know what lead by example means? Does he know as a social figure he has a responsibility to the youth æ, men and women following him? Is cheating something to brag abt? Seems he has very little reapect for women.

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