‘Nobody knew the battles I was fighting,’ Kubra Khan opens up about being fat-shamed

'Nobody knew the battles I was fighting,' Kubra Khan opens up about being fat-shamed

Kubra Khan has recently opened up about being fat-shammed amid health struggles. She revealed how she went through so much during that time.

Kubra recently appeared in an interview with a reputed media outlet. Among multiple questions that the host asked Khan, the topic of how she chose Sinf-e-Ahan also popped up. The actress opened up about her hard times while answering the question.

The Ham Kahan K Sacchay Thay star said that she went through a lot in the previous 2-3 years. ‘They were horrible for me,’ she described the past few years. ‘With COVID, a lot of things were going on in my life. So I was eating my emotions away. I had gained a lot of weight,’ Khan added.

She said that she went back to her home in London. When she was there, she went for a medical examination for herself. The doctor informed Kubra that she may possibly have cancer. Although the actress didn’t expect it, she was still thankful for finding out on time. ‘The doctor told me that they are not sure about it. However, they would have to do my operation as soon as possible to remove the lump that I had,’ she said.

‘I had two operations back to back. Thankfully, it was not cancer. But if it wasn’t diagnosed on time, it would’ve turned into something worse,’ the actress said.

'Nobody knew the battles I was fighting,' Kubra Khan opens up about being fat-shamed

The actress then revealed how people body-shamed her when she came back from London. ‘They had no idea what battles I was fighting,’ Kubra said. ‘Everyone said she would look horrible on the screen. I couldn’t work out and not even diet because I was on strong medication,’ she added further.

‘My confidence was shattered,’ Kubra concluded.

Kubra Khan further told how these compacts hurt her deeply. She said that she did everything to lose weight. ‘I even worked out when I wasn’t supposed to,’ she concluded.

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