Did Nimra Khan divorce her husband? Rumors suggest she has

Well, the lives of celebrities are nowhere near private. No matter how hard they try to keep it to themselves, somehow the public is constantly up-to-date with their private affairs, and the news of a rumor or controversy spreads like wildfire. Just like that, rumors about the famous actress Nimra Khan sparked after she removed all the pictures with her husband from her social media accounts.

The rumors

Previously, Nimra had spoken to a media outlet about how happy her marriage was despite her not knowing her husband before marriage. She told that her husband and mother-in-law both were caring.

A few days back, the actress posted about how she fell from the stairs and injured her head and nose. Shortly after that, she opted to delete all the clicks she had with her husband. People believe that the two incidents are somehow linked. People have assumed that the marks on Nimra’s face are a sign of ‘trouble’ between the couple. The actress has not spoken about anything yet.

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  • Amna Awan says:

    He seems gay

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