[VIDEO] Nadia Khan’s husband’s ex-wife uploads another controversial video

Nadia Khan recently got married to Faisal Rao, and people couldn’t help but adore the couple as they looked more than happy together. However, Faisal’s second ex-wife exposed his dirty laundry, talking about how when she was getting married, she received warning messages from the guy’s first ex-wife and how she was manipulated into thinking Rao was an innocent person despite him causing her a lot of trauma and damage.


Lubna Farooq took to her YouTube channel, where she made a video introducing herself and discussing her divorce. She said that her ex-husband, Faisal Rao, divorced her, claiming that his ‘first wife’ was doing ‘black magic’ on them. He used to justify his ill-behavior with his ex-wife, saying that it was all his first wife’s fault and that he had no control over it. She further mentioned that she knew Faisal was going through some mental health issues as he would break things in the house to show his frustration and even self-torture. He later divorced her and, shortly afterward, got engaged to Nadia Khan.

Lubna claims that she didn’t make the video to gain any kind of sympathy but to reveal the reality of Faisal Rao who is misleading the public.

Farooq’s video set the internet on fire. Fans rushed to show their concern for the morning show host, Nadia Khan. Nadia posted a picture with a caption purely in favor of her new husband. She defended her new life partner and called him the ‘kindest person’ she knows.

The recent video

Lubna Farooq is now back with another video that she made to target questions that the public asked her regarding her first video and her ex-husband. Farooq also claimed that this would be her ‘last video’ as she will be closing the topic once and for all after this.

In the latest video, Lubna justified why she made these shocking revelations regarding Faisal. She confessed that she was a target of ‘planned divorce,’ and she was traumatized. She also added that she was doing Nadia a favor by showing the public the real face of Faisal Rao, who considers him a kind person.

Watch Lubna’s complete video here:

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