Nida Yasir vs coronavirus: Who will win?

Nida Yasir has always been under fire on social media. This week she was criticised for not promoting social distancing on her show. Even while we were all making sure to self-isolate or fully quarantine ourselves her show featured a makeup competition with people very close to each other’s faces!

People all over social media were very upset with her airing a show like that in a time like this. Putting so many people’s lives at risk.

At this point, it’s surprising when you hear her name in something positive.

Well, things seem to have turned around a full 180!

Nida’s husband, Yasir Nawaz, uploaded a video to his IGTV that showed how they are battling coronavirus in their home!

The video showed them making their bed, cleaning their room, washing and cleaning their bathroom themselves along with their children.

The video was posted with a message that said

“Quarantine family time, clean your own space”

This video shows us that they’re finally taking the threat of the coronavirus seriously. Making sure to keep their home clean and teaching their children to participate in cleaning up too.

We just hope that they’re planning on following the other guidelines such as social-distancing and self-isolating seriously as well.

This change shouldn’t have needed social media outrage. Celebrities hold a special place in people’s heart, they have an influence on large audiences. It’s very important that they try to stay as informed as they can and use their voice and platform to spread messages that will help keep their audience safe.

What did you think about their video? Does it seem genuine or just another ploy to get attention on social media? Let us know in the comments!

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