‘It is easy to point at models’, Neha Rajpoot to the accusations of being the reason for Maheen Ghani-Shahbaz Taseer’s divorce

Neha Rajpoot is Pakistan’s fashion model and is working with some of the top brands of the country. She has also appeared in a drama serial alongside Uzair Jaswal however, she didn’t appear in projects other than Morey Saiyaan.

Maheen Ghani is a known fashion designer in the country. Her divorce from Shahbaz Taseer was a popular topic of the town previously since the couple was very well known. Shahbaz was abducted for years and Maheen was very supportive of him.

The two have a daughter together. However, they recently got into a divorce and parted ways. One of the reasons why this news has turned into gossip is because the above-mentioned model, Neha Rajpoot, is considered to be the reason why the marriage broke.

Although there’s no confirmation of the rumors yet, the two have been throwing shade on each other in their Instagram stories. Maheen was asked about her husband cheating with the model and she didn’t neglect the rumors rather wished them peace. The designer also mentioned that she wishes that this on-going trend of models with ‘married men’ changes adding further into the rumors.

Here’s what she posted:

On the other side, Neha when questioned about this rumor, clearly denied it. She also mentioned that whenever somethings comes up, it is ‘easy to point at models’. She even mentioned women ‘cheating’ on their husbands when they are away for long and then blame ‘men’ for moving on.

One thing which is important to be mentioned is that Maheen waited ‘5 years’ for her husband and in this duration, she would Tweet everyday how she misses him and is praying for his ‘safe return’.

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