[VIDEO] Nawal Saeed spills the beans on the reason behind her healthy hair

The actress Nawal Saeed has gained a lot of attention despite appearing in supporting roles because of her acting skills and attractiveness. People adore her, and she has a lot of fan following.

The actress is also known for her healthy hair. She recently appeared in an interview where she was questioned about what she does to maintain her hair health. Nawal answered that she does not use the home remedies or do much. She only oils her hair. She further added that she also uses ‘yogurt’ and ‘aloe vera gel’ to make her hair healthy.

Nawal also opened up about how her hair has become dry, and she has faced hair loss due to constantly styling them ever since she has stepped into the industry. However, she said she keeps doing something on and off to protect them from damages due to heat and harsh styling products.

Here’s Nawal’s complete interview:

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