Nausheen Shah is annoyed with Amir Liaquat and it shows! [VIDEO]

Amir Liaquat has been making headlines for quite a few days now. What started off as a funny ‘meme-like behavior’ quickly infuriated people. From being a target of criticism for singing during a Ramzan transmission to a girl claiming to be Liaquat’s third wife, we have seen it all this Ramzan.

Another thing that was the talk of the town was how actress Saboor Aly publicly called Dr. Amir Liaquat out on his inappropriate behavior towards her in a live show. Aly clearly seemed uncomfortable and couldn’t keep her calm. People appreciated the actress for being bold enough to address the problem in the show. And this time, just a few days after Saboor, it is Nausheen Shah who seems clearly annoyed with Liaquat.

During her appearance on Jeeway Pakistan hosted by Amir Liaquat, Shah was pretty joyful throughout the show. However, towards the end, she couldn’t control her anger and scolded the host. Nausheen was irritated by the host who kept interfering her while she was talking and couldn’t keep her cool.

Watch the video here:

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