Javeria Saud replaced Faiza Hassan in Nand and it is now giving us a real ‘StarPlus’ vibe

The drama serial Nand, airing on ARY Digital, is 40 episodes down already. People had high hopes with the serial as it starred some of Pakistan’s well-known stars, such as Minal Khan. But it is a disappointment to see that the drama is being as dragged as possible.

People seemed happy with the storyline as Gohar got served rightly for her wrongdoings and evil deeds. After Gohar, played by Faiza Hassan, got hit by karma, people thought the drama was reaching its end. However, it seems like they were wrong.

This Pakistani drama serial is not very different from the typical StarPlus dramas, which are comprised of countless episodes, and the viewers usually lose interest halfway through. Gohar’s character has once again returned to the story, after getting into a car accident and having reconstructive surgery. The only difference is that Javeria Saud has replaced Faiza Hassan.

According to the actress and producer, Javeria Saud, Faiza had her own reasons, due to which she couldn’t continue acting in the serial. In her interview, she said that she had left acting and focused purely on production, and now this is a comeback.

Nand has garnered a lot of views ever since it started airing. This twist has left the fans confused, and many are not happy with how the serial is being exaggerated and losing its charm. It is moving far from reality; however, people are interested in knowing how it will end.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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