Nadia Khan reveals why she quit hosting her morning show [VIDEO]

Nadia Khan reveals why she quit hosting her morning show [VIDEO]

Nadia Khan recently opened up about leaving PTV’s morning show. The host discussed the reasons in detail with the viewers.

Nadia uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel in which she discussed why she left the morning show. The actress hosted a show on PTV which got a lot of appreciation for being ‘educational.’ However, the news of Khan leaving the show made rounds on the internet. The show will now be hosted by Shaista Lodhi.

After a lot of rumors, the actress opened up about the real reason why she left the show. She addressed all the ongoing controversy and said that she will reveal every fact with full honesty. Nadia confessed that everyone cares about money and ratings. Nobody actually cares what they should be showing according to the need of the hour.

Nadia stated that people from sales and markets pressurize the morning show hosts a lot. Despite her researching and preparing a lot for the show, she was told that she doesn’t ‘cooperate’ with them. She added that she felt this wasn’t the kind of show that the public deserves.

The host shared that she wanted to deliver quality content. Moreover, she also added some personal reasons to the list of why she left. She said that she wanted to travel frequently with her husband for his work which is why she wasn’t able to manage things so she left.

Khan also told that she has had said ‘no’ to many opportunities. She never wanted to promote something that is not worth it. She also discussed the impacts morning shows have on people.

Nadia Khan has her own YouTube channel. She frequently uploads vlogs from her daily life. She also gives a lot of tips regarding shopping and more in her videos.

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