Nadia Khan raises awareness on cybercrime through her morning show

Nadia Khan recently raised awareness about cybercrime through her show. She invited the head of FIA Cyber Crime zone Sindh, Imran Riaz, to talk on the topic.

‘Cybercrime is all the crime occurring in cyberspace, through the internet or mobile phones,’ Riaz said.

Talking specifically about online blackmailing, Imran said that it is one of the most critical cases. It can happen to both minors and adults. The host questioned the guest about what they can do in cases in which the harasser is not from Pakistan. ‘We can surely help but the method can not be disclosed,’ Imran replied.

Khan questioned the guest about the process in which one can lodge a complaint. Imran told that there are 4 ways in which one can approach them. ‘You can approach us through our website. Secondly, you can approach us through our email,’ he said.

‘You can also call us to report your crime or you can walk into our office,’ he added. Explaining the process further, Riaz said that after the complaint is registered, they verify the case. The host further asked why sometimes an online complaint is not registered. ‘Agreed, we get the complaints after they are filtered from Islamabad,’ he replied.

Imran Riaz also mentioned that the best approach is to walk into their office to lodge a complaint. He also shed light on the punishments.

Riaz said that the punishments range from 3 to 10 years with fines from 1 million to 5 million rupees.

Watch the complete episode here:

Nadia Khan also talked about the online harassment multiple celebrities face.

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