‘Step on my tail and I will bite’, Nadia Hussain’s video of hitting back at trolls is the new internet sensation

The hate comments under the photos of celebrities blow out of proportion most of the time. A few days after Mahira Khan called out a hate comment for labeling her ‘besharam’ for posting a picture of a cup of tea, Nadia Hussain has decided to shut them down publicly as well.

Pakistani supermodel, entrepreneur, and TV personality Nadia Hussain has been a target of these lewd comments for a while. However, now, she has decided to hit back on these comments in the most fearless, ruthless and blunt manner.

In a recent video, where Hussain was seen filming a makeup tutorial, she kept receiving abusive comments. However, rather than ignoring them, she decided to respond back to them with the same intensity.

“Yes, you’re also very pathetic, just get lost,” she told one troll.

After this video went viral, Nadia also took to her Instagram to address the issue. She advocated that one should hit back at hateful and abusive comments in the same manner.

Although she has been receiving hate for a while, now she has decided to respond in the same manner.

“How dare do you say all of this?” Nadia commented in one of her videos.

Nadia also put up a post, talking about all the comments and labels these showbiz personalities, particularly women, receive.

Speaking to a popular fashion magazine, Diva online, Nadia said that she will no longer take these hate comments silently.

“I’m like that Sherni! You step on my tail, I’ll bite ur head off,” Nadia said.

“I think enough of people thinking and saying ‘Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna.’ People can say whatever they want but not on my page! They need to understand the limits.”

Is it the ‘right’ way to shut down trolls? Share your thoughts with us in the comments bar below.

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