Nadia Hussain thinks Nabila is ‘insecure’ after their feud online

Nadia Hussain has recently come up with a makeup palette with the name ‘Go Makeup.’ The concept behind the palette is to provide an all-rounder palette that is everything one needs when they are on the ‘go’ and can not carry multiple makeup items with them. The Go Makeup palette is basically a combination of all the makeup essentials one requires while one is traveling.

Although the product is very different than Nabila’s ‘Zero Makeup’ palette, the two have somewhat a similar vibe or this is at least what Nabila herself believes and she can not take it. After Hussain launched the product, the makeup artist Nabila couldn’t keep herself from criticizing Nadia as she sent a very offensive message to the actress asking if she has a ‘brain of her own’ or not.

The actress took to Instagram where she put up a screenshot of her conversation with Nabila. Hussain expressed how speechless and shocked she is over an artist of Nabila’s repute to behave in such an insecure way. She further told that her product is not copyrighted rather the concept is completely different.

Hussain also revealed that Nabila has blocked her over WhatsApp and Instagram after she confronted her on her rude behavior.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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